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QR Codes do a great job redirecting users to content with a simple scan on their mobile devices. Like your website, Social Media User, or Phone Number. But what if we told you that they’ve evolved to go beyond just redirection?

Let's say you are a contractor and offer a variety of services. Normally you want your potential customers to see all the information about your services, but in the winter season, you focus on a specific type of service because of the cold. You can have the same QR CODE show different displayed information without having to change the actual physical QR CODE.

On top of that, Dynamic QR Codes allow you to see statistics like how many people have scanned them. Although those features require a subscription, our Dynamic QR Codes give you actionable insights. 

How does it look

when you can it:

Charlotte_Contigo_Marketing QR CODE.png

You can use that QR CODE on your uniform, business cards, flyers, cars, banners, signs and more!

Contact us for a discounted price if you do a Bundle (Ex. QR CODE Setup+ Printing Material)

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